How to Apply our Car Decals

Applying a car decal from us is one of the easiest tasks you will come across!   With all of our decals we supply all the basics to get the job done and can be done in 5 simple steps!

The kit!

  • Decal
  • Credit Card Squeegee
  • Alcohol prep wipe

Step 1:

Clean the surface of where you wish to apply our decal thoroughly with the provided alcoholic prep wipe! Do not use glass cleaner as this will leave residue on the surface which will affect our decal adhering to the surface!

Step 2:

Use the provided credit card squeegee to apply pressure over the clear application tape on the decal to ensure the tape has adhered to the surface of the decal and any air bubbles are pushed out that may have formed!

Step 3:

Peel the white backing paper off of the decal slowly, the decal should stick to the clear tape. If it does not, slowly lower the backing paper and repeat step 2!

Step 4:

Slowly lower the decal onto the surface you wish to apply it to, firmly pressing down the tape and decal. Go over it with the credit card squeegee pushing out any air bubbles. For best results go over the decal with the corner of the squeegee to ensure it is in contact with the surface.

Step 5:

Slowly pull away the clear transfer tape at an angle, the decal should remain on the surface. If this is not the case lower the tape again and repeat Step 4.

You now have applied our decal with ease! In order to remove the decal please head over to

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